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user iconSir William Worsley
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user iconSir William Worsley (Chair)
user iconTony Ballance
user iconJack Buckner
user iconSuzanne Carr
user iconRoger Clarke
user iconJohn Everitt (Chief Executive)
user iconChris Holmes
user iconBrian Mahony

Chief Executive

user iconJohn Everitt
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Head of Corporate Services

user iconAngela Beech
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Corporate and Strategic Advisor

user iconMike Dewsnap
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Administration Officer

user iconCarla Robinson
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Administration Officer

user iconBeverly Fairbrother
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Information Systems Officer

user iconLucy Warren
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Director of Operations

user iconSimon Evans
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Head of Landscape, Biodiversity & Recreation

user iconSam Lattaway
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Green Infrastructure and Planning Officer

user iconPhilip Metcalfe
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Recreation & Sport Development Officer

user iconCaroline Scothern
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Charnwood Forest Development Officer

user iconMatt Croney
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Community Liaison Officer

user iconSue Anderson
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Head of Forestry

user iconCharles Robinson
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Woodland Officer

user iconSimon Greenhouse
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Woodland Management Officer

Post Vacant

Tourism Development Manager

user iconRichard Drakeley
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Black to Green Project Manager

user iconBethan Scragg
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Black to Green Outreach Officer

user iconJo Maker
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Director of Development

user iconDavid Bourque
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Executive Assistant

user iconLouise Insley
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Fundraising & Development Officer

user iconLeah Graham
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Development Manager

user iconAlan Leather
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Media Relations Officer

user iconCarol Rowntree Jones
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Contact information

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National Forest Company
Enterprise Glade
Bath Yard
DE12 6BA.
United Kingdom.

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+44 (0)1283 551211

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Office location

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Chair, Sir William Worsley

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Chief Executive,
John Everitt

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