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What are you doing for wildlife?

The development of The National Forest offers unprecedented opportunities to create and enhance an extensive and diverse range of wildlife habitats. Widespread benefits to nature will result from the protection and better management of existing sites, the integration of extensive new woodland planting and the creation of other habitats that reflect the area's ecological character. This provides the chance to redress significantly the losses of all habitat types that the area has faced in the past due to factors such as urban development, mineral extraction and changing agricultural practices.

What is the BAP?

The National Forest Biodiversity Action Plan was launched in May 1998. It was initiated by the National Forest Company to provide conservation and enhancement of biodiversity throughout the Forest area. The plan details ways in which national targets for conserving species and habitats can be delivered at the local level. It is widely acclaimed as one of the most ambitious plans of its kind.

Action plans have been prepared for species and habitats of national importance. Specific plans have been developed for the otter, noctule bat, redstart, adder, ruddy darter dragonfly, bluebell and black poplar.