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Nature Conservation

The creation of The National Forest is transforming the landscape across 200 square miles of the Midlands, creating new areas for wildlife every year.

As these new habitats mature over time, the plants and animals they support become more varied and important.

These newly-created habitats link with existing natural havens to create a landscape that is not only richer in wildlife, but more robust and better able to meet the challenge of climate change.

A little bit of History

Field of wild daisies

The natural history of The National Forest began 600 million years ago.

Creating New Habitats

Heron stalking

The restoration of mines and quarries has given us some of our best sites for wildlife.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Otter looking on from rocks

Biodiversity means the variety of living organisms or "biological diversity". The natural diversity of plants and animals on the planet is increasingly under threat, largely as a result of the actions of man.

When to see wildlife

Bronzed autumn leaves

The different seasons bring their own special sights and sounds in The National Forest