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Targets and Implementation

Habitat targets:

  • Extend 5 ancient semi-natural woodlands
  • Bring 40ha of mature woodland into management
  • Plant 372ha of new woodland
  • Create 10ha of new wet woodland
  • Restore 100ha of wood pasture
  • Establish 5 new orchards
  • Manage 5 existing orchards
  • Restore 25ha of acid grassland and heathland
  • Create 100 ha of neutral grassland
  • Restore 30 ha of grazing marsh
  • Create 10 ha of wet grassland
  • Plant 20km of new hedgerow
  • Restore 125km of existing hedgerow
  • Establish new field margins on 10 sites
  • Support 5 river corridor restoration projects
  • Create 50 new waterbodies
  • Restore 75 existing waterbodies
  • Create 5 ha of reedbeds

Species targets:

  • Create 1 new adder hibernacula
  • Erect 25 barn owl boxes
  • Erect 200 bat boxes
  • Increase the number of black poplar by 50
  • Create 5 artificial otter holts
  • Erect 50 bird boxes

Implementing the BAP

The BAP is for the Forest area, not the National Forest Company, and many organisations and individuals are playing their part in achieving progress towards the targets.

  • Landowners - have created and managed thousands of hectares of habitat through the Tender Scheme, grant aid and agri-environment schemes
  • Businesses - have created and managed habitats on their own land and also sponsored conservation work in the Forest
  • Individuals - have carried out practical conservation work and surveys in the Forest with BTCV and others
  • Partner organisations - have worked with others to create and manage habitats and encouraged people to get involved in a variety of ways, as well as making policies to help deliver targets.