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Gilwiskaw Brook

Gilwiskaw Brook in the Tempe Farm Forest Park landscape

Lying next to the woodland at Tempe Farm, the 12.08ha Gilwiskaw Brook Tender Scheme site adds greatly to creating a diverse and extensive woodland. The scheme comprises 10.54ha of mixed broadleaf/conifer woodland and 1.54ha of nature conservation rich wetland adjacent to Gilwiskaw Brook. The main aims are to create a site primarily for landscape and conservation objectives.

A feature unique to this scheme is the inclusion of trees which will stand out for the partially sighted (such as particularly "white" varieties of Silver birch and "red" Horse chestnuts). Log seats will be set out around unusual trees.

The owner has made a conscious effort to increase the nature conservation interests of the land next to Gilwiskaw Brook. This includes the creation of a wetland (1.54ha), to be achieved by excavating a man-made drain and converting it into an open watercourse. This will result in a secluded but attractive wetland area that complements the wet grassland proposed at Tempe Farm.

The owner will pollard six willows, plant five black poplar, encourage the spread of bluebells, and install nine bat boxes and one owl box.