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Alistair's, Bignall's & Jaguar Lount Woods

Contact: Forestry Commission

Grid Ref: SK376207

New trees growing at Alistair's, Bignall's & Jaguar Lount Woods

Between Staunton Harold and Lount, there is a large complex of newly planted and existing woodlands.

Bignall’s Wood was planted in 2005 with native oak, ash and birch with some ornamental maples. A wildflower area has been established with teasel, oxeye daisy, selfheal, ladies bedstraw and bulbous buttercup. There is an old barn, which is a perfect roosting site for bats and barn owls. It has been restored to encourage their continued use.

Alistair’s Wood was planted in March 2003 with oak, ash and birch to complement the mature hedgerow and roadside trees already present. Alongside the woodland there is a nationally important area of acid neutral grassland, Lount Meadows SSSI, which supports plants such as spotted orchid and betony.

Much of Jaguar Lount Wood was planted with walnut tree species thanks to sponsorship from Jaguar Cars. The walnut plantations are part of a project to study the growth of different walnut species. The rest of the woodland is made up of trees such as oak, ash, wild cherry and lime with small areas of pine and larch.

Fallow and Muntjac deer can be seen moving between existing and newly planted woodlands to graze and badgers use the area as part of their territory. Brown hares have been seen in Jaguar Lount Wood. Across this area, the open tussocky grassland supports nesting skylarks, which fill the air with song in the nesting season. Buzzards, kestrels and hobbys can also be seen hunting over the wood or resting in the hedgerows and adjacent existing woodland.

Please note that parking is at Bignall’s Wood only.

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