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Beacon Hill

Contact: Leicestershire County Council

Grid Ref: SK511148

Man sitting overlooking the landscape off Beacon Hill

This 128ha site surrounds one of the most prominent hilltops in Leicestershire. The open heathland around the slopes of Beacon Hill provides a habitat for a range of flora and fauna. Frying Pan Pond supports clumps of flote grass and you may see the small round leaves of the marsh pennywort by its edges.

In the spring and early summer, you might glimpse rare palmate newts as they rise to the surface, while Frank's Pit, a pond that lies at the eastern end of the park, supports common newts and Wileman’s Pond, near the Lower Car Park, great crested newts.

Frank’s Pit is also a breeding place for dragonflies, including emperor dragonflies, which can be seen in the summer. Close by are groups of marsh violet and lesser skullcap, both scarce in Leicestershire. The ponds also support a host of aquatic invertebrates such as diving beetles, pond skaters and water boatmen.

Adders, slow worms and common lizards are also found on the heathland of Beacon Hill.

Among the many birds at the park are the meadow pipit and reed bunting, which are commonly seen, and the dipping flight of the green woodpecker with its cackling call is another unmistakable resident.

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