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Charley Woods

Contact: Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

Grid Ref: SK476148

Charley Woods cover almost 27ha and are divided into three parts: Burrow Wood, Cat Hill Wood and a field that separates them. The ancient Burrow Wood is dominated by oak, with occasional ash and non-native specimen trees such as sweet chestnut, sycamore, larch and pines. The understorey is mostly rowan and holly, some specimens of which rival the oak in height and girth.

The display of bluebells in Burrow Wood in the spring is the most impressive sight on the reserve.

The variety of dead wood found here is important for insects, which attract a range of bird life including nuthatch, tree creeper and all three native species of woodpecker (great spotted, lesser spotted and green). Other notable bird species include tawny owl, kestrel and jay.

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