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Sence Valley Forest Park

Contact: Forestry Commission

Grid Ref: SK400113

Sence Valley Forest Park

Created in 1998 in the bowl of an old opencast colliery, the 80ha forest park now includes woodland (pine, mixed broadleaf and wet woodland), lakes, rivers and streams, seasonal wetlands, tussocky grassland and a wildflower meadow.

The grasslands support many wild mammals including field voles, shrews, stoats, rabbits and foxes. There are signs that water voles and otters are present on the River Sence, which runs through the park.

The habitats on the site are ideal for bats and the park attracts a wide variety of birds, with over 150 different species having been seen since its creation, including osprey. The lakes provide habitat for species such as heron, tufted duck, wigeon and great crested grebe.

An artificial nesting wall for sand martins has been built on the banks of the lake and you may even catch a glimpse of a barn owl or short eared owl.

During the summer months visiting butterflies include gatekeeper, meadow brown, speckled wood, small skipper, green veined white, peacock and small tortoiseshell.

Around the lakes, damselflies such as common blue, blue tailed and azure and dragonflies like the southern and brown hawker are also abundant.

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