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Willesley Wood

Contact: Woodland Trust

Grid Ref: SK338142

Willesley lake surrounded by trees

Willesley Wood covers 42ha of woodland, grassland and open water created on a former colliery in the heart of The National Forest. This site is where the first tree of the new National Forest was planted in 1991.

In addition to the new planting, two areas of semi-mature woodland include wetter areas, which support native black poplar. Both areas have ancient woodland species such as pendulous sedge, bluebell and dogs mercury.

The lake is the result of mining subsidence, which was flooded by an adjacent stream. It is surrounded by marginal wetland fringes important to amphibians and waterfowl. The main grassland (north of the lake) contains rare species such as corncockle and meadow cranesbill. It is also valuable for butterflies and other insects.

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