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This website has been designed with usability in mind and every page has been laid out to provide you, the visitor, with a comfortable browsing experience. The content is represented in a consistent and logical manner, and navigational aids have been provided in order to help users explore the site with ease.

In this section you will find brief descriptions of some of the navigational aids that are provided in this website. Please refer to the Site Map to familarise yourself with the layout of content.


The site has been divided into eight main sections:

  • Company information - information about the work of the National Forest Company
  • All about the forest - information about The National Forest, wildlife and climate change
  • Creating woodlands - a one-stop shop for information about funding schemes for woodland creation
  • Visit and explore - information on events, places to visit and accommodation
  • People and projects - find our how others have taken part and how you can too
  • Sponsorship and support - information about how we work together with business
  • News - press releases, publications and associated information
  • Downloads - comprehensive listing of National Forest reports, leaflets and publications featured throughout the website.


All links appear as dark green text. When a page has been visited any links to that page will appear as golden brown text. All HTML links (links to pages within this website), are descriptive and adequately describe the destination when used out of context.

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The main navigation of the site has designed so that users can use Access Keys. Access Keys are keyboard shortcut keys which enable users to access areas of the website using the assigned key on the keyboard rather than using a mouse to click on links, buttons etc. This site uses the UK Government access keys standard to define which access keys preform a given action. The exact way to use access keys depends upon your web browser - so consult its documentation. However as a guide, the following steps will allow the user to navigate to the area of the site defined by the access key, by:

Internet Explorer: Pressing the ALT key and the assigned access key together followed by the return key

Mozilla Firefox: Pressing the ALT key, the Shift key and the assigned access key together

Apple Macintosh: The user would use the Ctrl key instead of ALT, in the above examples

Find out more about which Access Keys are defined on this site.


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