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'Trace Elements' gr8artists

After their successful 2 year "Timescape" project at Calke Abbey g8artists have been spreading the word about the importance of The National Forest further afield in the more urban setting of the recently opened Atkins Gallery, Hinckley. It was a very appropriate place for them to create 'Trace Elements' their September 2011 exhibition. Their interest in the management and decline of industry and prosperity in The National Forest is reflected in the historical past of this former hosiery factory and its rebirth as a creative space. The opening of the new Arts and Design College adjacent to the Atkins provided a younger audience and showed the changing nature of the area. Many of the visitors were unaware of the close proximity of the Forest with its history, changing environmental impact and potential as a great educational and leisure resource.

The artists recent work is concerned with transitory images found in forests which are constantly changing and evolving. They are Inspired by the marks of time, patterns and traces left by man, and the persistent energy of nature as it tries to reclaim its territory. They have followed an exploratory and experimental approach to ideas and materials to create work which includes paintings, drawings, installations, textiles, collage, printing and photographs.

Maureen Cooper's work

Maureen Cooper's work combines images inspired by the somewhat unsettled atmosphere of the Ticknall Limeyards, linking their past to nature's regeneration of the area.'

Diane E. Hall's work

Diane E. Hall's work shows the fluid quality of textile materials and drawings to explore the transitory images found in the Forest.

Robert Thacker's work

Robert Thacker's work uses the natural flow of mixed media to create an atmosphere which reflects how he feels about what he sees in the nature'

Graham Ensor's work

Graham Ensor's work often explores the circular forms symbolizing the passing of time and the never ending cycle of evolution, decay and rejuvenation.

The "Trace Elements" exhibition included "artists in conversation", visiting students and drawing workshop days. An outdoor workshop at Church Langton Primary, Leicestershire, completely transformed the space around a group of young elders, a change that reflected the traditions that surround these trees. The school visited the exhibition and had a chance to discuss the work and The National Forest - its inspiration.

Public response was very positive towards the creative ideas and approaches of the artists. A workshop day threw new light on the natural world and challenged the students to explore new ideas and ways of expressing them.

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"Wonderful exhibition by the g8 invoking the Forest in different moods and seasons. It reminds us of the treasure trove that The National Forest holds for all of us, at all times"


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