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New Woodland Craft Breaks

Guests on a woodland break

The Greenwood Course Centre has just launched three new woodland craft breaks. The ‘Archery Experience’ includes three days learning how to craft greenwood into beautiful longbow followed by two days tuition in archery at Rosliston Forestry Centre. The ‘Chair-making Course’ will see groups turn unremarkable blocks of wood into fine Windsor chairs. And the ‘Woodland Experience’ combines a whole range of ancient woodland crafts such as coracle making, creating rustic furniture and wonderful sweetpea climbers, charcoal burning and hurdle making.

The courses do not require any previous experience and are held at the Spring Wood course centre near Staunton Harold. They last between five and seven days and cater for families with older children and small groups of up to eight people. Accommodation is provided at the Rosliston Forestry Centre timber lodges. Each of the breaks can be combined with a day or two sightseeing in The National Forest.

In addition to the new craft breaks, the centre runs courses in all types of crafts and techniques used in ancient woodlands covering willow and hazel garden structures, pole lathe turning, cleft gate hurdles and hedgerow baskets. This makes an excellent unusual birthday gift, with friends and family able to join the recipient for a day or weekend of crafts.


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