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Grants for Community Tree Planting

Over 8 million trees have already been planted in The National Forest, increasing the woodland cover from the initial 6% to 19.1% now. There's much more work to do to reach the target of around one third cover. There are lots of campaigns to support people planting trees, helping individuals, communities, businesses and landowners to increase woodland cover. The campaigns shown here complement the schemes that the National Forest Company offers.

The Big Tree Plant

The Big Tree Plant

The Big Tree Plant is a national campaign that aims to increase the number of trees being planted in England's towns, cities and residential areas whilst encouraging people to take responsibility for planting trees in neighbourhoods where they live and work. The Big Tree Plant focus is on urban areas and for small schemes of up to half a hectare. Anybody can get involved by planting and caring for trees to help make neighbourhoods more attractive, healthy places to live.

You can find information on the scheme and the funding available at:

Woodland Trust Free Tree Packs

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust has a range of free tree packs available to schools, youth groups and communities.

Individual trees, small copses, traditional hedgerows and woodland are invaluable features of thriving neighbourhoods in our villages, towns and cities. They enhance the places where we live, learn, work, rest and play.

Trees can transform an area by introducing welcome shade, protective shelter and wildlife, and are a great, green investment for future generations. If you know of some public land in your local area that would benefit from trees, you can apply for a free pack.

The Tree Council's Tree Futures

Tree Council

The Tree Council's Tree Futures offers help for tree planting through two grants programmes, the 'Trees for Schools' and 'Community Trees' funds. Any school or community group within the UK that is planning a project that actively involves children under 16 is encouraged to draw on the fund to plant trees and make a greener future. The Tree Council's National Tree Week is the focus for these projects and successful applicants organise their planting events in conjunction with the annual celebration of the new tree planting season.

These campaigns complement the schemes that the National Forest Company already has in operation, you can see these here: