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Runners completing race through The National Forest

Orienteering is a great sport for people of all ages and levels of fitness to try. There are numerous opportunities within the Forest from taking part in the annual running of the National Forest Orienteering Trophy (held to introduce more families and adults to the fun and challenge of orienteering) to having a go on the numerous novice courses permanently laid out on dozens of sites within the Forest.

An orienteering course asks you to pick your own route between control points scattered about any site, using geographical features such as a hollow in the ground, a bend in a stream or a prominent rock formation all shown on a specially marked map which you get to keep.

It's an easy and painless way of staying fit or getting into shape, and it's a great sport to take up with friends and family; you can go at your own speed or compete with somebody else. The after-event debate about what you might have done better is often just as much fun as having a go in the first place.

At the top level orienteering is a highly competitive extreme adventure sport involving intense concentration, skill and fitness, where you can run against the best in the world at international competitions, but they all had to start somewhere.

Leicestershire Orienteering Club have seen youngsters take up the sport since the Forest was begun who have progressed to now representing England in their age classes. They stage events throughout the Forest weekday evenings and at weekends all year round. Why not see if it is for you?

Those interested in finding out more about orienteering please visit or contact:

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Roy Denney

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0116 233 8604