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The LANDshapes Project

From 2003 to 2006, the National Forest Company's LANDshapes project worked with local people to record and celebrate the culture and heritage of The National Forest. Although the project officially ended in June 2006, the archive and website continues to be accessible, but please note that the information has not been and will not be updated from this time (June 2006) and this remains an archived website.

The Website Archive

The archive is where you’ll find a large and growing collection of contributions; from poetry and verse to childhood memories, historical articles, photographs and maps the archive provides a valuable database of information for anyone researching The National Forest and its heritage – whether your interest is personal or professional.

‘The National Forest: Heritage in the Making”

We’ve produced an exclusive book “The National Forest: Heritage in the Making”. This lavishly illustrated, 200 page book spans the last 10,000 years looking at the history of the landscape that has become The National Forest and the people who have created that landscape.

Written by noted author James Parry the book investigates the underlying geology, the natural history, the agriculture, the buildings and industries, the people, customs and traditions and the present dramatic transformation through the creation of the Forest.

Noon Columns sculptures

As a part of LANDshapes’ Heritage in the making project, six pieces of exciting, publicly accessible art have been created in The National Forest by internationally renowned sculptor David Nash. David began work on the sculptures in October 2005 continuing through the winter until February 2006. The sculptures were officially launched in June 2006.

Oral Histories

We’ve recorded and produced dozens of oral history interviews.

Community Projects

LANDshapes has grant-aided many community groups’ projects from providing funding for a new marquee to funding research on specific areas within The National Forest. Other projects have included ‘Timeframe’ – a photography competition, Walks and Memory Lane projects.

What Next?

Although the project officially ended in June 2006, the archive and website will continue so why not come along and have a look at what LANDshapes has been all about? The website is regularly updated with news, articles and important Forest events as well as news and updates from our community groups. You can register with the archive and add contributions of your own or just browse at your leisure and listen to some of the fascinating oral histories from real Forest people.

Funded by: The Heritage Lottery Fund, Jaguar Cars and British Waterways