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Grow a tree from seed

drawn seed with wateringcan

How would you like your own oak tree in The National Forest?

It’s easy! All you have to do is collect a few of the acorns that are around in the autumn, plant them and watch them grow!

The Grow a Tree from Seed document (to the right) gives you all the information you need on how to nurture and look after your young saplings for the first couple of years. When they are strong enough (usually after two years they will be able to survive in the wild, but still be small enough to transplant successfully) you will be invited to come along to a planting event in The National Forest to plant your tree/s.

Remember to send us your contact details, using the Seedling Pledge document (to the right), so we know where to send the invitation to!

Many people have already participated in the Grow a Tree from Seed scheme and have found the experience very rewarding and the planting events extremely enjoyable. It brings together families and people of all ages, who are interested in helping to grow The National Forest and look after the environment. Here are a few quotes from past planters:

acorn amongst leaves on the branch of a tree

“We were part of a large, loving family, having a lot of fun, helping to guarantee a future for generations to come.”

“We enjoyed the planting event very much. We named all our seven trees after the Seven Dwarfs!”

“A very enjoyable day mixed with a feeling of having done something really important.”

“Really enjoyed the day - it’s better than pushing the Hoover around in the morning!”

If you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you!

Please note: The closing date for applications to attend the 2017/18 planting event is 8 December 2017. Applications received after this date cannot be accepted, but we can keep your details on our invitation list for next year’s (2018/19) event.