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Woodland Edge

A visit to Minorca Opencast Mine, Measham, Leicestershire, The National Forest, 20th November 2013

Minorca Opencast Mine

From Measham to Leicester on the back road, you pass the mine's bund, a newly turfed embankment on a grand scale, like a whale which has swum up the Thames and got stranded. Week by week mounds of soil appear and change shape: we have, temporarily, a rusty brown Arizonian backdrop to the lovely Swepstone church.

National Forest landscape

It's often implied, in our multi-riven country, that to live in a town or a city is 'modern' and to live elsewhere, isn't. Quite what's meant by this isn't always clear to me, but away from the urban, life is apparently traditional, a refuge from the hustle and bustle; it's not where innovation is expected to happen, that's for sure.

Attenborough diluted


How seductive are the saturated colours of 'Africa', the latest wildlife series with David Attenborough's name against it. The shots are often semi-abstract, reminiscent of the 'Earth from the Air' photos we loved about a decade ago.