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Woodland Edge

May is a beautiful time to walk the newest long distance trail in England!

May Blossom Large

I finally finished walking the trail last weekend. As Media Relations Officer I like to know what Iím talking about and I wanted to get a feel for the trail as a whole.

Garden of Imagination

Calke Abbey

I took my hot sticky self to Calke Abbey the other day to see their new Garden of Imagination.

My Journey into The National Forest

Woodland landscape

Just under two years ago my knowledge of The National Forest was a bit like my knowledge of today's technology ... I was aware of it but, whisper it, I wasn't that interested! Then, two things happened in a short space of time - we moved house and I was made redundant.

'You are here': The National Forest, National Parks and polar bears!

Aurora Borealis

Last week we celebrated ten years of the National Forest & Beyond Partnership, the mechanism by which we and our local partners share a pot of money to promote The National Forest and the immediate area as a visitor destination.