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Spring and other seasonal delights

Apple Blossom

Spring... my favourite season. Always has been and always will be, with the promise of new life, lighter, longer days and a hint of warmth.  Then there's the colour - the gentle pinks of blossom, reddy-brown of new rose growth, and the spread of colour from emerging bulbs before the onslaught of green. And the song... oh the song!  I love to hear birds, from the dawn chorus, to a buzzard calling overhead and the swifts, when they arrive, screaming around the village. I've already heard our local tawny owl calling during the night - something, as a former city girl, I find amazing!

This year, due to a minor incapacity, I've watched spring unfold mainly from the house. Watched as, seemingly overnight, buds appeared on our cherry tree, grew, and the beautiful pink and white blossom burst out (pink and white because we have two trees in one - a graft my well informed colleague tells me!). Watched the promise of autumn fruit as our pear tree also blossoms and, my favourite pastime, watched as the birds, beaks full of nesting materials, disappear into unknown nooks and crannies of my neighbour's house and squabble in the garden over territory. 

As I'm also having to be chauffeured, I've spotted entrances to pathways and places I didn't know existed, because the road is usually my focus.  At the same time I've missed spotting the first swallows on my drive to work.  Still, by the time normal routine resumes they will, hopefully, be numerous in number.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike our other seasons.  In fact, as I grow older, I've found my own positives for all seasons.

Autumn is now my second favourite season as the summer heats cools down and nature has more rich colours to throw at us, not forgetting the return of Strictly Come Dancing!

I am so much more enthusiastic about winter than I used to be - the crisp, cold, beautiful days and the bare branches making it easier to spot the birds in our garden.

Summer is a bit of a love/hate relationship - loving the long light days, strawberries and raspberries, the smell of cut grass and barbecues and not forgetting our annual pilgrimage to North Norfolk.  However, I'm less enthusiastic when the temperature soars (typical you might say!)

Whatever your seasonal preference, there will be something for you in The National Forest - including festivals throughout the year celebrating canals, walking, arts, music and beer, to name a few; National Trust properties;  various country parks - in fact 200 square miles to explore.  You can even walk the National Forest Way all year round. So, what are you waiting for?  Enjoy the seasons in The National Forest and find your personal favourites :-)

Carla Robinson