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What Can Only You Give Your Mum On Mother's Day?

Tuesday, 17th February 2009

How about a gift that is really great for the environment (Mums worry more than most about the state of the planet) and the chance to do something fun and muddy with you?

Buy her a gift of Plantatree in The National Forest and not only will she receive a personalised certificate with your own Mother’s Day message to her, but the National Forest Company will invite you both to attend a special tree planting day when she can plant her tiny tree and help create a new woodland in The National Forest.

She will be able to return whenever she chooses, to walk through the young trees, see the woodland blossom and enjoy the birdsong.

On the planting day she will get a choice of sapling to plant, generally an oak, ash or birch.  The National Forest Company provides the trees and the spades – you just have to take your wellies, and be prepared to get your hands dirty. 

The National Forest spans 200 square miles of the Midlands and is a forest in the making – a new, wooded landscape for the nation.  Over 7 million trees have been planted already, thanks to the support of landowners, local communities, businesses and thousands of individuals.

Supporting The National Forest through the Plantatree scheme costs £25.  Find out more or buy online at plantatree or call 01283 551211.