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Gather Your Acorns and Grow a Tree for The National Forest!

Tuesday, 15th September 2009

Local Origin Acorn growing

The National Forest Company’s (NFC) Grow a Tree from Seed scheme is a great way to get involved in helping to grow The National Forest and it’s so easy and enjoyable!

From late September acorns will be ready for collecting and planting – get the family together for an acorn collecting day or involve your local school.  The NFC’s Grow a Tree from Seed leaflet gives advice on how to plant and grow your young seedlings for the first two years of life.  The leaflet can be found on the NFC website here or contact them on 01283 551211 for a copy.  Don’t forget to send them your details by completing the seedling pledge form (included with the leaflet).

When your trees are around two years old, you will be invited to a community planting event to plant your trees.  This is a fantastic day with people of all ages coming along to plant their trees, with staff from NFC and BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) on site to give a helping hand and advice where required.  No sooner are the trees planted than people can’t wait to go out and start collecting and growing acorns again!

If you already have any seedlings between two to three years old that you would like to plant in The National Forest, please contact Beverly Fairbrother at the NFC on 01283 551211.  (Please note that the NFC plants primarily native trees and cannot accept horse chestnut or sycamore).

So why not get started by collecting acorns this autumn and pledging them to plant in The National Forest and do your bit to help The National Forest grow!

For more information visit please telephone Beverly Fairbrother on 01283 551211.