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Breakfast Network Briefing With The National Forest

Wednesday, 28th October 2009

Sophie Churchill, Chief Executive of the National Forest Company, commented:  ‘We are looking forward to meeting colleagues from the private sector who would like to know more about The National Forest and in particular about how a business can benefit from a close working relationship with us.’

With the help of many well known companies the National Forest Company has already planted over 7 million trees and over 350 new woodlands have been created which are open for everyone to enjoy.

‘The creation of this vast new ‘Forest in the making’ is one of the boldest environmentally led regeneration projects this country has ever seen,’ added Sophie.  ‘With climate change and environmental issues at the forefront of everyone’s minds, people are asking ‘what can we actually do?’ We can help a company answer that question efficiently, ethically and with real value for money.’

The business network briefing starts with a locally sourced hearty breakfast at 8am followed by a presentation at 8.30am, with an opportunity to explore your options with Sophie and her team. 

If you and a colleague would like to join the business briefing, please contact Lindsey Cheetham as soon as possible on 01283 551211 email