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Create Your Own Woodland - For Free!

Wednesday, 28th October 2009

The new scheme offers three types of woodland, each specifically designed to help landowners tackle some of the most pressing economic and environmental concerns:

·         Environmental/Commercial.  This could be a firewood wood, designed to supply fuel wood to reduce domestic heating bills, or a shelterbelt wood to protect soil and livestock from the impacts of a changing climate.

·         Conservation.  This could be a wildlife wood with the best possible conditions to attract birds and other wildlife, a wet woodland to make the most of an area of wetter ground or alongside watercourses where land is less productive, or a connection wood to improve landscaping and to provide ‘corridors’ for wildlife to move from one habitat to another.  

·         Landscape/Amenity.  This could be a colour wood for year round seasonal colour, a sporting wood for game or recreation provision, or a roadside wood for privacy, noise dampening and landscaping.

Matt Brocklehurst, Forest Development Manager for the National Forest Company, said:  ‘With a lot of enquiries about Freewoods already received, we clearly have an attractive scheme for landowners of all types in The National Forest. The fact that woodland is so versatile, that it can benefit a range of interests, and that the scheme is so simple and flexible, should ensure a real and positive contribution to the continued development of The National Forest.’

The National Forest Company will pay all costs for a professional consultant to design, plant and establish the scheme for the first three years. After this, a small endowment is offered to the landowner as a contribution towards the future care and management of the woodland – if the woodland is in good condition.

Freewoods is exclusively available for land that falls within The National Forest boundary, and is up to one hectare in size.

For more information please contact Matt Brocklehurst or Simon Greenhouse at the National Forest Company on 01283 551211