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Popular Poplar - Model Entries at The National Forest Wood Fair

Tuesday, 4th September 2007

Popular Poplar - Model Entries at The National Forest Wood Fair

The Poplar Challenge proved to be a popular attraction at The National Forest Wood Fair held last week at Beacon Hill Country Park.

In conjunction with the National Forest Company (NFC), the Poplar Tree Company (PTC) of Hereford ran the competition to find the best use of poplar wood.

Poplar is a light and easily workable wood and all entrants were provided with a free poplar pack. The pack contained a range of timber lengths which are similar in size to the poplar wood currently being harvested from young poplar woodlands in The National Forest. The brief was to design and make an item of their choice, showing the timber to its full advantage.

Competitors worked on their pieces throughout the summer before bringing them to the Wood Fair, where all the entries were displayed for the crowds of 3000 visitors to enjoy, and the judging took place.

The winner was Pat Corcoran of Hereford, whose intricate model of a cottage displayed a fine attention to detail. He commented: “It was a fascinating challenge to work with a kit of wood like this. The cottage took me about a fortnight to make, and the grandchildren should have some fun with it.”

The winner received a beautiful trophy made of poplar wood and all entrants received a tankard. The judges commented on the difficulty of picking a winner from a competitive field that contained a Tower of Babel, a child’s trolley, a recycling box, a clutch of dragons and a ‘nest egg’ money box.

Hugh Snell of the Poplar Tree Company commented: “I have been most impressed by the quality and range of the poplar entries. The standard of craftsmanship was very high. I am also delighted that the Poplar Challenge was part of a very busy and successful Wood Fair and it was a pleasure seeing how many people saw the exhibits and asked questions about them.”