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TV Coverage Creates Massive Interest in The National Forest

Wednesday, 18th August 2010

Immediately after the programme finished, visits to the National Forest website peaked to over 1,500 for that day alone and continued over the next week at three times more visitors per day than usual.

Penny Wilkinson, Tourism & Promotions Officer for the National Forest Company said: ‘Visitors to the National Forest website have been using the site to find out more about the people and places highlighted in the programme.’

Adam Henson spent the day learning bushcraft skills with Dave Watson of Woodland Survival Crafts and survived the night under the stars in a woodland shelter. He also visited Beacon Hill in Leicestershire, the site of the National Forest Wood Fair on August Bank Holiday Monday, to learn about the site’s history as a Bronze Age hill fort, and see Leicestershire County Council’s heathland management in action thanks to longhorn cattle, sheep, alpacas – and pigs.

Ellie Harrison looked at other aspects of the Forest’s development and management. She met Bruno, Karen Kilshaw and David Roycroft of Logs on Draught, horse loggers working on the Duchy of Lancaster estate at Jackson’s Bank, and found out more about this niche method of modern woodland management.

Ellie also spoke to volunteers and veterans at the National Memorial Arboretum, and found out how land restoration from mineral extraction and quarrying helped create this striking institution.  She also learnt about the benefits former market gardener Dave Smith brought to the landscape and to local wildlife – and how he discovered a natural spring on his land - when he planted thousands of trees through National Forest schemes.

To find out more about the people and stories covered in the programme contact:

Beacon Hill Country Park:

Logs on Draught:  Tel:  01926 498 695

National Forest Spring Water: Tel: 01332 862699

National Memorial Arboretum:  Tel: 01283 792333

Woodland Survival Crafts:  Tel: 01283 730851