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Wood in Construction: Promoting the innovative use of timber in building design in and around The National Forest

Monday, 13th September 2010

A seminar on the subject of the use of Wood in Construction will take place in The National Forest on Wednesday 3 November, at the National Brewery Centre, Burton upon Trent.

It is being organised as part of the Making Woods Work project by Rural Development Initiatives, on behalf of the National Forest Company.  Making Woods Work is a two year project supported by East Midlands Development Agency (emda), with the remit to maximise the potential of The National Forest as a leading example of sustainable development. 

Although the UK does not have a tradition of using such large amounts of wood in construction as many other European countries, the sustainable nature of timber as a construction material has led to a significant increase in its use and recent years have seen many examples of outstanding new buildings in the UK being built either in whole or part from timber. Examples in The National Forest include the Youth Hostel at Moira and the new business units at Rosliston Forestry Centre.

The seminar is intended for planners, designers, architects, developers and others who work in the field of the built environment. It will highlight how the expanding woodlands of The National Forest will ultimately produce a significant quantity of timber capable of sustainable harvest and that the long term beneficial management of these woodlands depends on a viable market for the timber. Thus the focus of the event will be to look at how this resource could be utilised in the construction of a wide range of buildings, including domestic, commercial and public.

Speakers from organisations including the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA), Edinburgh Napier University and Wood for Good will cover issues such as the use of timber for external cladding, cross laminated timber, a guide to forest certification and the role of timber in reducing the carbon footprint of the construction industry.  The seminar will cover a number of case studies and delegates will be provided with technical information and contact information. 

Ben Scotting of Rural Development Initiatives said:  ‘Encouraging the use of wood as a component of sound, aesthetic and low carbon design and recognising the necessity of sustainable harvesting to achieve that aim, are both key to the future success of The National Forest.  By organising this seminar we will help to demonstrate that economically useful woods will produce local markets for local timber.’ 

To learn more about the seminar contact Ben or Erica on 01765 609355 or at