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The Big Tree Plant - New Funding for Community Tree Planting

Wednesday, 1st December 2010

The Big Tree Plant aims to plant a million trees over four years, adding to what is already being done in places such as The National Forest, where almost eight million trees are on their way to maturity.

Community groups, individuals and conservation organisations are being supported to plant more trees and look after the green spaces in their area. The campaign is specially focusing on urban and residential trees, where they can bring benefit to the most people.

Sophie Churchill, Chief Executive of the National Forest Company, who is a member of the Big Tree Plant partnership, said:  'It is really good news that the Government is offering practical help to support its green aspirations.  I hope that alongside the grants available from the National Forest Company, The Big Tree Plant will provide new funding for community based groups. It's also great to see that there will be information and support available about caring for the trees - what we want are some very happy, well-tended woods for generations to come.'

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