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What Better Gift for Your Mum? A Beautiful Tree and a Lovely Day Out!

Tuesday, 22nd March 2011

You could buy her chocolates, and have to help her eat them. You could agonise over which perfume to choose.  But buy her Plant a Tree in The National Forest and you will give her a special, long lasting gift that is both beautiful and good for the planet.

When you buy a Plant a Tree for Mother’s Day we send a personalised certificate for your mum, with your own special message to her.  You are then invited to a tree planting event in The National Forest.  You will be welcomed to the woodland you are helping to create and can choose your tree from native species such as oak, ash and birch.  Foresters are on hand to help you plant the tiny ‘whip’, a 30-40cm tree, the best stage at which to plant them.

The tree planting season runs from November to March.  We provide the spades; all you need to do is wrap up warm and bring your wellies.

Family groups, individuals and friends can all enjoy planting the tree and spending time together.  Grab a coffee or take your time over lunch and make a day of it.

Jennifer of Derby said: ‘It was a brilliant day … so lovely to be out with the family.’ 

Jane of Leicester said: ‘It was very special to actually plant the trees, a chance for a wonderful day together.’

The National Forest is a forest in the making; nearly eight million trees have been planted but there are many more to go.  Buy a Plant a Tree this Mother’s Day and make your contribution to the biggest environmental project in the country.

The woodland where you plant your tree will always be open for you to visit, and you can return at any time throughout the seasons and see how the trees are growing.

Plantatree costs £25, which reflects the true cost of the tree and the future care of the trees and the woodland.  Buy online at, or call the National Forest Company on 01283 551211.