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Wedding Favours

Thursday, 28th April 2011

Fay said: ‘We had a beautiful woodland wedding at Rosliston Forestry Centre, and wanted to continue the woodland theme with the wedding favours.  We named each of the tables at our reception after different trees: oak, cedar, sycamore, silver birch, ash and rowan. It’s a wonderful occasion to come and plant the trees and remember such a special day.’

Barry and Fay, who live in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, bought the trees through the National Forest Plant a Tree scheme. People buy Plant a Tree to celebrate a special event such as a birth, anniversary - or a wedding - and to remember loved ones.

Each tree costs £25, which reflects the true cost of the tree and the future care of the trees and the woodland. As well as planting the tiny tree in woodland that will always be open for you to visit in years to come, you receive a personalised certificate with your own message for the recipient or to record the event.  Buy online or call the National Forest Company on 01283 551211. 

The National Forest covers 200 square miles of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. It is a forest in the making, transforming the landscape and the lives of local people and communities. Nearly eight million trees have been planted – with many millions still to go!