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Crowds Love The National Forest Wood Fair on a Rainy Bank Holiday

Wednesday, 31st August 2011

Dark clouds and showers did not deter the crowds at the National Forest Wood Fair on Bank Holiday Monday. Waterproofs and umbrellas only added colour to the scene and there were plenty of smiling faces through the rain!

Thousands of people arrived at Beacon Hill County Park for the Wood Fair, now in its seventh year. And it did not disappoint: everyone enjoyed the hot competition from the log to leg racers, the massive redwood timber chainsaw carving, the rocking horses, woodland potions and wood fired pizzas.

‘This event just gets better and better,’ said Jim Steele, a traditional chairmaker from Warwickshire.

Jane Cook of The Rocking Horse Shop in York was making her first visit to the National Forest Wood Fair. She said: ‘What a wonderful event! I have exhibited at lots of shows over the years but I can honestly say this show had such a family friendly feeling about it, the organisers had worked so hard to make it run so smoothly and everyone had a fantastic day.’

Catherine Graham-Harrison, newly appointed Chair of the National Forest Company, said:‘It is obvious to me, visiting for the first time, that the National Forest Wood Fair is firmly in the annual calendar of thousands of people who love woods, trees and what they do for us, from craft products to businesses.  I enjoyed the whole day, including sheltering from the showers in the marquee and learning more about the very wide range of organisations linked with The National Forest. I also have a particular love of Border Terriers who were very well represented in the impressive range of dogs who were also visiting the Fair! All in all, a wonderful day.’

The National Forest Wood Fair is an annual event organised jointly by the National Forest Company and Leicestershire County Council.