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Landowners Sign Up To Help Create The National Forest

Thursday, 22nd December 2011

CLS Winners

Landowners from across the three counties of The National Forest have picked up awards from the National Forest Company, for their commitment in helping to create The National Forest.

The guest of honour was Sir Henry Every, Deputy Lieutenant of Derbyshire, who presented certificates to 22 landowners from Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, including farmers, parish councils, businesses, estate managers and individuals. All were successful applicants to the National Forest’s Changing Landscapes Scheme or Freewoods Scheme.  Both are mechanisms for encouraging tree planting and nature conservation habitats in The National Forest. 

In total, 105ha (over 260 acres) and over 100,000 trees will be added to the Forest through these schemes this year. This brings The National Forest ever nearer the goal of one third woodland cover throughout the Forest’s 200 square miles. Since the 1990s, the woodland cover in the Forest area has trebled from 6% to 18.8%, well on the way towards this goal.

Speaking at the event, NFC Chair Catherine Graham-Harrison said: ‘This is our best ever response to these schemes.  The continuing enthusiasm to help us create the Forest is fantastic and we always look forward to seeing the individual designs, large and small, take shape and add to the overall pattern of the Forest, whether it’s through new trails; new woodlands; restored hedges or ponds; parkland trees or planting for commercial timber.

‘People lie at the heart of the vision behind the Forest – local residents taking pride in the Forest and helping look after it; visitors supporting a vibrant tourism economy; and landowners such as yourselves, helping us to ‘finish the job’ and share in the rewards from it.’

As the event closed, Sophie Churchill, Chief Executive of the National Forest Company, declared the 2012 Changing Landscapes Scheme (CLS) open for business. Anyone owning land in The National Forest interested in applying for CLS or Freewoods should contact Matt Brocklehurst, Head of Forestry, or Simon Greenhouse, Woodland Officer on 01283 551211.

For further information visit the Creating Woodlands section of our website.