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Plant a Tree Popular from Singapore to San Francisco

Tuesday, 14th February 2012

In the last 48 hours people from Singapore to San Francisco have bought into the National Forest Plant a Tree scheme, to help create England’s National Forest.

Margaret in Singapore bought a Plant a Tree as a Valentine’s gift and anniversary present for her husband, and a couple in San Francisco bought one for the first birthday of their godson who lives in Derbyshire.  It is a truly global gift, although UK purchasers might find it slightly easier to actually plant the tree itself!

Buying a tree to be planted in The National Forest is an ideal gift for ‘the person who has everything’ or where it is awkward to post an actual gift. Purchasers receive a personalised certificate, with their own special message, which makes a perfect gift to be opened on the day.

‘We planted a tree for German friends celebrating their Golden Wedding, as it was difficult to post a suitable gift.  They were so touched with the idea, they phoned us with grateful thanks.  No-one had ever done that for them.  Of course we planted an English Oak!’ said J Hallam, a recent purchaser.

In addition to receiving the certificate, the purchaser and the recipient are invited to a special planting event in The National Forest, in the heart of the English Midlands. On arrival they choose the tree they wish to plant, generally from a choice of oak, ash, birch, with rowan, hawthorn, small-leaved lime or wild cherry available at some sites.

The trees are planted on a site which will always be accessible for people to visit, so tree planters can return and enjoy the woodland as it is growing and watch the wildlife that will make it their home.

Plant a Tree costs £25, which reflects the true cost of the tree, the land and the future care of the woodland. You can buy it online at 

Find out more about the scheme at Plant a Tree in The National Forest or call the National Forest Company on 01283 551211.