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Independent Panel on Forestry Final Report

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

The Independent Panel on Forestry's final report is published today. It proposes that a public forestry estate is maintained, under a new body evolving from the Forestry Commission, which will champion all the benefits that forestry and woodlands can bring. The National Forest is cited as an example of increased access to local woodlands, good community engagement and economic impact through forestry.

Welcoming the Independent Panel on Forestry's report, the Chair of the National Forest Company, Catherine Graham-Harrison, said: ‘We welcome this report and its call to society as a whole to fulfill the potential of English woodlands and forests: for people, for nature and for the economy. We look forward to a collaborative national approach to responding to the report, in which the National Forest Company will play a full part. The National Forest is cited in the report as a proven example of all the varied benefits that comes from steady, partnership-based investment in an area that needed more woodland. We will continue to exercise our ingenuity and energy to bring forward all the benefits of The National Forest into the future.’

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