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National Forest Company Publishes 2011-12 Annual Report

Monday, 23rd July 2012

The 2011-12 Annual Report for the National Forest Company (NFC) is published this week, and tells an impressively positive story despite challenging times.

Forest creation targets, community engagement, access to woodland and schemes to develop the long term sustainability of the Forest have all been achieved.  Only the poor weather last August Bank Holiday meant slightly reduced attendance figures at last year’s Wood Fair – this year the hope is that all the rain will have fallen by then!

Over 150 hectares of new Forest have been created, which include woodland and other valuable habitats; over 20,000 people were involved in forest activities and over 44,000 children and adults took part in environmental education sessions.

In her first foreword to the Annual Report as Chair of the National Forest Company, Catherine Graham-Harrison tells of how struck she has been by the goodwill shown towards the Forest by very many people, with even her taxi driver reducing her fare for a ‘good cause’.

Making sure that the greatest numbers of people from the widest of backgrounds enjoy the Forest remains a high priority for the NFC and the year’s target for new public access to Forest sites was exceeded. The Report states that whether people walk, cycle, want to bird watch or enjoy a picnic, “The aspiration is that everyone who opens their front door in The National Forest knows that they can get to a green space that suits them.”

The Annual Report also shows that The National Forest is contributing to national thinking and practice on forestry. Following the decision not to sell off the public forestry estate, the NFC is this year playing a full part in the national debate on the future of forestry.

Students from Burton and South Derbyshire College produced the design and artwork for this year’s annual report, which has been highlighted in a letter to the Prime Minister accompanying his personal copy of the report.

For further information and to read the Annual Report online click here.