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Grow a Tree From Seed and Plant an Oak Tree in The National Forest

Tuesday, 29th October 2013

This weekend make the most of the beautiful autumn sunshine and collect acorns to grow your very own oak tree to plant in The National Forest.

The National Forest Company is inviting people to collect acorns, plant them up in a pot, pledge them to The National Forest and grow them at home for two years. The little trees are then on the register for The National Forest, and you will get an invitation to attend a special tree planting day to add your young trees to the millions of trees that are creating The National Forest.

You will be part of the tremendously exciting National Forest, a new forest covering 200 square miles of Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, where more than 8 million trees have been planted over the last twenty years, in woodlands large and small.

Sue Anderson, Community Liaison Officer for the National Forest Company, said: “People from all over the country can enjoy gathering and planting acorns. It’s a great moment when we all get together to proudly plant the two year old trees that have been so well nurtured and cherished.”

See The National Forest website for more details on getting involved with Grow a Tree from Seed, and an illustrated guide to potting up and growing your acorns.

It’s free and it’s fun – and you’ll be part of the biggest environmental adventure in the country!