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National Forest Company Launches New Woodland Management Programme

Monday, 11th November 2013

The National Forest Company (NFC) is encouraging landowners to look after their woods with the help of a new woodland management programme, including a new grant scheme to help with the work.

Over eight million trees have been planted in The National Forest since the early 1990s, creating hundreds of new woodlands. As the trees grow, looking after them is as important as planting them. As well as the possibility to apply for funding to help pay for management work, the NFC is offering free advice on how to draw up a woodland management plan, how to get the best out of managing a woodland, potential markets for the timber and direction to other funding that may be available.

The woodland management programme is aimed at individual woodland owners and also at community groups who may want to take on the management of woods near where they live.

Charles Robinson is the newly appointed Woodland Management Officer for the NFC. He explained: “It is as important to plan for the development of woodland, as it is to get the trees in the ground in the first place. It is vital to look after the trees as they grow in order to produce good quality timber, to keep the trees healthy and to make sure the woods are attractive and functional both as wildlife habitat and as a great place where people can walk and enjoy being outdoors.”

Part of the wider management programme of help and advice, the new grant scheme is targeted at 15-23 year old woodlands – which cover over 2,800 hectares throughout the Forest - as well as mature woodlands. The NFC will pilot the new scheme over the winter, and, if successful, plans to roll it out as part of the full management programme next summer, when woodland owners within the 200 square miles of The National Forest will be able to apply for grants to help manage their woods.

In the meantime, for advice on all aspects of the National Forest Company’s woodland management programme, contact Charles Robinson, Woodland Management Officer, on 01283 551211, or email