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News release: National Forest sponsor Reabrook completes woodland planting and looks to management

Friday, 14th March 2014

Reabrood Woodland Planting

National Forest sponsor Reabrook welcomed over one hundred customers, colleagues, friends and families to the young woodland site it is developing with the National Forest Company, in Moira, Leicestershire – and invited them to help out with tree planting!

Staff and guests worked throughout the day, with support from National Forest Company staff and the Conservation Volunteers, to plant over 1,000 trees, completing the woodland creation on this site.

Reabrook’s continuing five year sponsorship of The National Forest will see the creation of 21 hectares of woodland (over 50 acres) on this site, which covers 38 hectares (over 90 acres) of the heart of The National Forest. As well as woodland, the site features important new habitats including parkland, grassland and wetland.

“The larger expanses are already planted with a variety of native trees, and today we were creating smaller areas of planting with one species,” said Tony Brealey, Joint Managing Director, Reabrook. “It was very rewarding to plant a thicket of hazel here, a stand of oak there, and a clump of willow in the damp, boggy area at the bottom of the site, as these will attract different types of wildlife.  It felt like really good nature conservation work, planting butterfly and bird-friendly thickets that will provide dense, safe refuges for endangered woodland birds and insects.”

“Just as important as creating these new habitats is that we look after them as they develop,” added Malcolm Watkins, Joint Managing Director, Reabrook. “After planting the trees, we are looking forward to moving onto woodland management as a crucial - and exciting - part of our sponsorship agreement.”

The woodland at Boothorpe is just afew hundred yards from the company’s buildings, so members of staff can enjoy walking with their families through the new woodland and see the changes as the trees grow. The local community will benefit too, as new footpaths will connect existing rights of way, enabling everyone to enjoy the fruits of Reabrook’s contribution to the local environment.

Reabrook chose to support the National Forest Company (the organisation responsible for creating The National Forest) not only because its 16-acre manufacturing site is located within the heart of The National Forest, but also because the local nature of the scheme has enabled employees to get involved with the project directly, to help with the tree planting and woodland management, to see the impact their work has on the local area.

A privately owned business, Reabrook manufactures and supplies a wide range of aerosol and liquid products under private label and for its own brands Arrow Solutions and Nielsen. As an organisation, Reabrook complies with a number of initiatives to minimise waste and actively works to reduce its energy usage. The company has been recognised over the last two years with the prestigiousBAMA (the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association)industry awards for both sustainability and corporate responsibility. 

In naming Reabrook winner of theCorporate Social Responsibility Award for its work with the National Forest Company, the judges praised the partnership as“a really heart-warming initiative” and commented that they “loved the sense of family, community” it fostered.