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New Woodland Takes Root in Wychnor

Wednesday, 18th March 2015

New Woodland Takes Root in Wychnor

Montgomery Wood offers visitors fantastic views across the River Trent to Wychnor, with stunning views of St Leonard’s parish church. This 2.3ha (5.7 acre) wood has been created by local businessman Chris Montgomery who runs a landscaping business based in Burton. Chris bought the land a few years ago and decided to create the woodland under the National Forest Changing Landscapes Scheme to provide wildlife habitat, access and wood for fuel.

Chris said: “I wanted to create a woodland that could provide fuel for me in the future whilst also benefiting wildlife and providing a place for people to enjoy the wonderful views of the river and beyond. The Changing Landscapes Scheme has helped me deliver this.”

Montgomery Wood was designed by Angus Hancock of Cameron Forest & Garden, one of the National Forest Company’s agents but was planted by Chris himself. It lies between the A38 and the River Trent opposite the hamlet of Wychnor and provides a link between adjacent woodlands also created as part of The National Forest.

Montgomery Wood features an otter holt to provide a rest up area for itinerant otters using the Trent along with two raptor posts for birds of prey to perch on. Chris has created permissive access across the whole woodland in addition to the public footpath that runs alongside the Trent and provided two new seats close to the river, plus an information board giving more details about the site.

Simon West, Head of Forestry at the National Forest Company, added:  “I am delighted to see the creation of Montgomery Wood which enhances the landscape, creating a beautiful place for others to enjoy and bringing real benefits to the wildlife in the Forest, and also provides a wonderful resource that in time will yield wood for fuel and other products. It’s great to see local businessmen like Chris investing in the Forest and creating a legacy for the future.”

For more information on the Changing Landscapes Scheme and other ways to create woodland within The National Forest contact Simon West on 01283 551211, email or see details on The National Forest website: .

The closing date for this year’s Changing Landscape Scheme is 10 April 2015 at 5pm.