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Wood Fair Visitors Urged to Recycle Unwanted Pots

Thursday, 13th August 2015

Visitors to this year’s National Forest Wood Fair are being urged to recycle any unwanted plastic garden pots and trade them in for new, biodegradable Grow Pots.

The initiative is being headed by the Wood Fair’s main sponsor – Vitax – as it continues to promote organic gardening and is supported by Leicestershire County Council’s recycling services.

Coalville-based Vitax launched the initiative at last year’s fair to encourage visitors to think about alternatives to plastic pots and inspire them to recycle rather than just throwing them away.

Visitors can bring along a maximum of 10 pots for which they will receive the same amount of Grow Pots to take home.  As Vitax is positioned just inside the entrance to the event, visitors can exchange the pots straight away and then enjoy the rest of the day.

'The National Forest Wood Fair celebrates trees, timber and the naturalness of wood, and by encouraging gardeners to exchange plastic pots for Grow Pots we are introducing them to a different way of growing saplings and plants which is sustainable,' says Colin Wetherley-Mein, sales manager at Vitax.

'Last year’s exchange went really well and we would urge anyone visiting the Fair to bring along those pots and we will ensure they are disposed of responsibly.  It is a win-win situation – a pot for a pot.'

This is the second year Vitax has sponsored the National Forest Wood Fair and has been working to raise the awareness of the event not just with customers across the UK, but also schools within The National Forest catchment area.

For the past three months, the garden and horticulture manufacturers have been in contact with local schools to encourage them to take part in its ‘School in a Garden’ drawing competition whilst educating them about the great natural resource right on their doorstep.

A shortlist of five entries have been chosen with the overall winners and runners-up to be announced on the day. 

The National Forest Wood Fair will take place at Beacon Hill Country Park, Leicestershire on Monday, 31 August between 9.00am and 5.00pm.  For more information visit: