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All smiles at the National Forest Wood Fair

Tuesday, 1st September 2015

Children smiling with umbrella

It may have been wet but it definitely wasn’t a washout at the National Forest Wood Fair at Beacon Hill Country Park on Monday.

Visitors turned out in their thousands for this popular event, an annual celebration of The National Forest and all things tree and timber related.

“We’ve travelled all the way from West Yorkshire, especially for today’s Wood Fair. I think it’s wonderful and everyone should know about the great work you are doing here in creating the Forest,” said one visitor.

Children loved the tree climbing, making eco-art and watching the birds of prey. Members of the crowd were invited to have a go on the crosscut saw with the lumberjacks and crowds gathered around the chainsaw carvers, the wheelwright demonstration and the horse logging team. 

“People travelled from far and wide and despite the weather, everyone kept smiling!” said Richard Drakeley, Tourism Officer for the National Forest Company. “The Wood Fair presents all aspects of life in The National Forest, from how we plant trees and manage the woodlands, the opportunities for walking and cycling in the Forest, how you can volunteer to help look after the Forest right through to how you can grow your business in the Forest.

“It was a great day - and without all this rain the trees wouldn’t be nearly so happy!”

The National Forest Wood Fair is run by the National Forest Company in partnership with Leicestershire County Council and is sponsored by Vitax.