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New incentive for tree planting in The National Forest

Friday, 4th December 2015

Young tree in The National Forest

As the world focuses on the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, the National Forest Company announces a new carbon scheme to encourage the creation of new woods in The National Forest.

The National Forest Company (NFC) is setting up a pilot Carbon Scheme, to run alongside its existing grant schemes, to encourage more landowners to create woodlands within the 200 square miles of The National Forest.

Woodlands planted within this scheme will come under the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC), which is the standard for woodland creation projects in the UK that generate verifiable Woodland Carbon Units. These are measurable amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) that are removed from the atmosphere by the growing trees. The WCC standard is backed by government, forest industry and carbon market experts, and is unique in providing woodland carbon benefits right here in the UK.

By running the scheme centrally, the NFC will minimise administration for landowners putting forward their land for registration.

Investment in Woodland Carbon Code projects is attractive to companies who are interested in the voluntary capture of carbon against that produced by their business activities, or who wish to make a contribution to the health of the environment alongside other green initiatives. Offering the scheme within The National Forest will introduce new companies who are seeking to buy carbon to the work of the NFC and tap into a growing interest to create woodlands in the UK.

“The scheme will run in a pilot phase over two planting seasons,” explained Simon West, Head of Forestry for the NFC. “We will work closely with Forest Carbon Limited, who are the leaders in the field, and who actually helped develop the Woodland Carbon Code. They verify, register and give ongoing certification to the schemes, and so far have secured business investment in nearly a million tonnes of carbon capture over 80 plus new UK woodlands. Together we hope to inspire many more landowners to create woodlands in The National Forest. This unique Forest-wide scheme will provide an attractive offer to businesses interested in buying carbon to encourage the planting of trees.”

Landowners wishing to find out more about the scheme should contact Simon West on 01283 551211.

Companies interested in encouraging the planting of woodlands in the UK by buying carbon, or with an interest in supporting the wider work of the NFC, should contact Lynne Richards, Head of Fundraising for the NFC on 01283 551211. 

Photo credit:  2020VISION/Ben Hall