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Dedicate a woodland grove in The National Forest

Tuesday, 15th December 2015

Family planting trees in The National Forest

The National Forest Company (NFC) has a new scheme to offer supporters of the Forest:  the opportunity to dedicate a woodland grove in memory of a loved one, or as a living legacy for themselves and their family.

National Forest supporter John Swanwick has dedicated a grove to the memory of his father. John recently revisited the area where he grew up, the coalfield villages of The National Forest. He was amazed at the changes he saw: a green regeneration of the mining landscape he knew, framed and threaded through with young and maturing woodland.

He decided to find out more about The National Forest and has gone on to support the work of the National Forest Company in creating and looking after the Forest.

His support is being marked by the dedication of a new woodland grove on a site on Nanpantan Road, in the Charnwood part of The National Forest.

John said: “My father died two years ago, and not having been back to the villages around Coalville for 20 or 30 years, I returned recently to walk the National Forest Way and explore the places that had been part of his and my past. I stood on Bagworth Hill and was totally amazed to see before me such a green and wooded landscape where there used to be pits, and to realise that I was actually standing on a former slag heap.

“The transformation of this part of the Forest has been so impressive that I wanted to support the National Forest Company in its ongoing work. The opportunity to dedicate a grove in memory of my father and my family seemed the perfect way to express something about my family and my past but also a way to create a living memorial that will add to the Forest and benefit future generations.”

Individuals or businesses interested in finding out more about this unusual opportunity in The National Forest are invited to speak to Lynne Richards or Leah Graham on 01283 551211.