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Scheme open for National Forest planting

Friday, 8th January 2016

The National Forest Company (NFC) has opened Round 9 of the Changing Landscapes Scheme, its largest forest creation scheme. The Scheme applies to land of one hectare and more, and is open for applications until 5pm on Friday 8 April.

Simon West, Head of Forestry at the NFC, said: “We are looking for landowners with a minimum of one hectare of land in the Forest who are interested in creating new woodland and associated habitats such as meadows, parkland and wetland. All these are important to the development of the Forest – although schemes must comprise at least 50% woodland - and all are funded 100% through our Changing Landscapes Scheme.”

NFC also funds agents to work with the landowner and draw up a proposal for submission, at no cost to the landowner.

There are also opportunities for landowners with smaller plots of land but who are also interested in woodland creation. The NFC’s Freewoods Scheme is for land covering less than one hectare, or landowners can plant scattered trees through the Parkland Scheme.

The newly launched National Forest Carbon Scheme is another possible source of funding. Run by the NFC in partnership with Forest Carbon Ltd., the Scheme gives landowners the option to receive up-front payment for carbon generated over an agreed period (typically 40 – 70 years).

Funding workshop

Landowners can find out more information on all available schemes for woodland creation and management, the Carbon Scheme and other funding available to landowners within the 200 square miles of The National Forest, at a funding workshop later this month. The workshop will be held by the NFC on Wednesday 20 January, 4 – 6pm in the Rawdon Room at Conkers Discovery Centre.

For further information on the Changing Landscapes Scheme or the funding workshop, contact Simon West at the NFC on 01283 554208.