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Make your hedge stand out with a free hedgerow pack from the National Forest Company and the Woodland Trust

Tuesday, 19th July 2016

National Forest Hedgerow Tree Packs

Free hedgerow trees are available to landowners within the 200 square miles of The National Forest, to help combat the threats from a variety of pests and diseases to valuable mature trees that feature in our landscape.

Simon West, Head of Forestry for the National Forest Company, explained: “Individual hedgerow trees are vital in our landscape: some species of bird use them as ‘staging posts’ as they fly over their territory; mature trees encourage and shelter many forms of wildlife; yet many are under threat from pests and diseases and changes to our climate. For example, the ash, one of the most common trees in our hedgerows, is increasingly affected by ash dieback and many will disappear from the countryside.”

Pests and diseases aside, however, all hedgerow trees are living things and even with a natural lifespan of centuries they need to be replaced. To help with this the National Forest Company, working in partnership with the Woodland Trust and with the help of Northwest Leicestershire District Council, is offering up to 50 free hedgerow tree packs for landowners within The National Forest. Each pack comprises 45 small trees with stakes and protective shelters and is available for planting this autumn/winter.

The hedgerow tree pack is available to anyone in The National Forest with extensive hedging that can accommodate 45 trees spaced out to grow on as significant hedgerow trees. Anyone interested in receiving a pack should contact the National Forest Company on 01283 551211 or email before the end of September 2016. Those who are allocated a pack will need to arrange for collection this November from Coalville and plant their trees out during the winter. Further details see