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Forest Creation Continues

Wednesday, 21st December 2016

Planting Trees in the Forest

More than 8.5 million trees may have been planted in The National Forest over the last 25 years, but there are still lots of opportunities to get involved with tree planting and woodland creation.

The National Forest Company (NFC) offers a range of grant schemes, offering up to 100% funding, that are open to all types of landowners within the 200 square miles of the Forest.

Planting trees can be an option for landowners on otherwise less productive land: the landowner can get an income both from thinning the trees to help the woodland develop and from a mature timber crop; trees can provide shelter for stock or for buildings; and screening can provide privacy and noise reduction.

“Last season’s applications to our Changing Landscapes Scheme will add around 8,700 trees to the Forest,” said Simon West, Head of Forestry for the NFC. He continued: “They will bring a variety of habitats to the Forest, including parkland, wetland and meadow, in addition to the woodland planting. Our smaller Freewoods and Parklands schemes have also created a lot of interest this year.”

Richard Boulton, owner of Manor Farm, Tatenhill, successfully applied to one of the Forest schemes a few years ago. He said: “The new woodland has provided the farm with a new income stream, benefitted wildlife by providing new habitats that link together, and made the farm more sustainable from a business and environmental perspective. It was a good choice for me, my landholding and the future sustainability of the farm.” 

The NFC offers a variety of tree planting schemes:

  • Changing Landscapes Scheme, for land over one hectare. This pays 100% of costs and the next round opens on 2 January 2017 (closes 6 April 2017);
  • Parkland and Wood Pasture Scheme, for land between a quarter and five or more hectares. This is particularly suited to areas of grazing land, and is open to applications all year round;
  • Freewoods is for smaller areas of land, between a quarter and one hectare, and is open all year round.

See more at: or contact Simon West on 01283 551211.

For landowners who have existing woodland on their land and who wish to know more about how to manage their woods, the NFC offers free advice on woodland management. Contact:  Charles Robinson, Woodland Management Officer on 01283 551211.