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National Forest Company Welcomes EFRA Committee Report on Forestry in England

Tuesday, 21st March 2017

The National Forest Company today welcomed the publication of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Report on Forestry in England: Seeing the Wood for the Trees.

The report calls for much greater focus on forestry in England, emphasising the substantial benefits this can bring to the environment, economy and communities, and for a shake-up in the support for woodland creation and management. 

Many of the recommendations in the report are already happening in The National Forest.  Here, a long term strategy, ‘one-stop shop’ for advice, and targeted funding has driven an increase in Forest cover from 6% to more than 20% since 1991 (outstripping the target for England of 12% cover by 2060), and a rise in woodlands in management from 41% to over 66% to meet the national target a year early.

Sir William Worsley, Chair of the National Forest Company, who gave oral evidence to the Committee said: “The National Forest is an exemplar of forest creation and management - what we have achieved over the last 25 years far surpasses the Government targets and demonstrates the many benefits of forestry to society”.

The EFRA Committee Report on Forestry is available here.