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Beautiful book, looking for a good home: the National Forest Company sends award-winning book The Lost Words to every school in the National Forest

Friday, 18th May 2018

Image credit: Jackie Morris The Lost Words

Schools throughout the 200 square miles of the National Forest will be on the look-out next week for the arrival of The Lost Words, an enchanting book celebrating the natural world.

The National Forest Company (NFC) is sending a copy of the best-selling book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris to every primary and secondary school in the Forest, to share with them words and pictures describing animals and birds that are in danger of being lost to our consciousness.

The author wrote the book when he heard that certain words describing the natural world were to be taken out of a children’s dictionary. The book takes the form of acrostic poems, or spells, to ‘conjure’ the words into being.

Robert Macfarlane said: “At the heart and origin of The Lost Words is a wish to bring nearby nature – the creatures, trees and plants with which we share our landscapes, but that too often slip from our care or attention – back into the lives and stories of Britain’s children.”

Caroline Scothern, Project Leader for the Creating a Forest for Learning project at the NFC, said: “When we saw this book we wanted all the children in the Forest to have access to it, to inspire their literacy work and art projects. We hope it makes them as excited as it does us, about ways to identify, talk about and interpret the natural world.”

An outdoor theatre companion piece to the book will have its world premiere at the National Forest’s Timber festival in July.  Seek Find Speak, created by Collette Murray, will take festival-goers on an enchanting trail, self-guided and also led by goldfinch performers, through the woodland at Feanedock, near Moira, where the festival takes place 6 – 8 July.

The NFC is inviting schools to respond to the book and send the children’s comments to them via a Freepost address. Schools can also contact the NFC for advice and possible funding to develop the children’s experience of the outdoors and the provision for outdoor learning in their school, through the National Forest’s Creating a Forest for Learning project.

Find out more about The Lost Words and Seek, Find, Speak at Timber Festival

Image credit: Jackie Morris The Lost Words