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New Year - New Woodland

Tuesday, 16th January 2007

New Year - New Woodland

The success of the first year of the innovative Hundred Acre Woods Scheme, with the planting of more than 28 acres of new woodland in The National Forest, proved that it is an exciting and attractive proposition for a wide range of organisations and individuals.

With plenty of potential to plant more small woodlands in the Forest the National Forest Company (NFC) is pleased to offer the scheme again this year and is looking for individuals, businesses, schools and colleges, local councils or community groups with an acre or more of land available to take part.

Clive Keble, Chief Officer NFC, said: “This is a chance for someone with a small patch of land to create their own woodland within The National Forest at no cost. We provide the trees – you just need to bring enthusiasm and commitment!”

Each woodland is to be planned, planted and maintained by the individual, business or community group. In return, the NFC will provide up to 420 trees with canes and guards absolutely free. The trees will be a mixture of native broadleaves, such as oak, ash and birch, with some shrub species. The NFC will also provide a guide to planting and maintenance.

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this excellent opportunity to create one of the Hundred Acre Woods should contact Lindsey Cheetham at the NFC on 01283 551211, email or write to the National Forest Company, Bath Yard, Moira, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE12 6BD, for her attention.

Please note that the land MUST be within The National Forest boundary.