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New Opportunity to Create Woodland in The National Forest

Friday, 9th November 2007

New Opportunity to Create Woodland in The National Forest

If you have land that falls within the 200 square miles of The National Forest, a new scheme launched by the National Forest Company could help you create your own small woodland.

The scheme covers the planting of between 500 and 2,000 trees: sufficient to create a woodland of up to one hectare (2 ½ acres) in size. The scheme is ideal for creating small copses or to establish shelterbelts that link natural habitats.

The National Forest Company (NFC) will help design and plan the woodland, in accordance with the requirements – and aspirations – of the landowner. What type of wood, which tree species and where they are planted: that is all up to the landowner. The NFC will then supply the trees, arrange to have them planted and maintain them for 18 months – free of charge. The scheme is available from mid November, so contact the NFC soon.

"This is the perfect proposition for people in the Forest who may have a smallish piece of land, or unused land on part of a larger holding, and a hankering for a woodland – but have never found the time or the money to design and plant it," said Simon Greenhouse, Woodland Officer for the National Forest Company. "This new scheme can help them fulfil this – and bring all the associated benefits of trees to the local area: they’re good for wildlife, good for the environment and are beautiful to look at."

To be eligible, a few simple requirements must be met:

  • The land must be in The National Forest
  • The planting must be completed by 31 March 2008
  • Between 500 and 2,000 trees should be planted
  • The planting must be voluntary (not a condition of a planning application)

For more information and details of how to apply for this scheme please contact Simon Greenhouse at the National Forest Company on 01283 551211.